You Might Think You Are Seeing/If You Really Try To See

2016/11/18 - 2016/12/25

The idea of comes up with some questions—If my works could be touching? Would viewers tear down because of an artwork? The second thing I want to explore is how many viewers would come back to an exhibition many times for seeing an artwork thoroughly. By reviewing , I realize that all these questions are related to features of great works in my mind, and I also want to create works, which are touching and can be appreciated. However, at that moment, I was timid and chose an awkward method to force viewers crying: Cutting onions in front of viewers.

had two states: live performance and display. The performance started from five p.m. to seven p.m. every day, so I stayed at the exhibition and cut onions for viewers for twenty-eight days. (Actually, it was twenty-seven days because I took a day off for my painful period.) This performance only allowed one person to participate per fifteen minutes, and after the viewer into my space, I would use some word cards to invite the person to sit down and write his/her names. Afterward, I chopped a complete onion into small bites, and then asked the participant: Do you tear it down? If he/she did, I would give him/her a certificate --「Thank you for offering your insincere tears to the artwork」. If he/she did not cry, it would be another card --「Thank you for holding your insincere tears from the artwork.」