Artist Statement

ENTUNG's work is a transparent mirror, which reveals the absurd moments of daily life, and its reflection overlays the invisible issues under the new technology fantasy. Her creative process often begins with observing and feeling, and then she will build an intensive connection between the body and space. With both visual art and performance background, LIU cares about how body gestures influence the angle of eyesight and how it affects people's awareness.

Besides one-person performances, she is also exploring participatory theater. The artist believes 'Daily life is a theater, and the theater is life.' Participation is a compelling method to unfold static social structure and reimage the existing world. Through her art practice, LIU hopes to show the relationships between identification, technology, nature, and life through her works. 


LIU ENTUNG was born in 1995 in Taipei, Taiwan. As an interdisciplinary artist, ENTUNG’s works explore the intersection of multiple fields: visual art, performance, and technology with various methods like paintings, photography, performances, installations, videos, and sounds. She received a BFA in Multimedia Art at Taipei National University of the Arts in 2018 and an MPS in Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University in 2022.

LIU was one of the winners of the BBA 2022 Photography Prize, ND Awards 2022 International Photography, and 2022 Budapest International Foto Awards, and a selected artist for the Vision of Future NFT art collection by Saatchi Art. Her works have participated with <Taiwan: A World of Orchids> (2023) by Queens Botanic Garden in New York and <Future. Art. Awards.> Virtual Exhibition (2023) by MOZAIK Philanthropy. She also exhibited at Sorbonne Space 4 (2023) and La Galerie du Génie de la Bastille in Paris, France (2022), Arena Berlin during Berlin Photo Week in Berlin, Germany (2022), The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles (2022), and The East Village Art Collection in New York (2022). LIU has performed at Treasure Hill Artist Village (2020), Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (2019), and Fuzhong15 Animation and Story Gallery (2019) in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently, she is living and working in NYC.



2022          New York University, Master of Professional Studies, MPS
                     Tisch School of the Arts, Interactive Telecommunications Program

2018          Taipei National University of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, BFA
                    School of Fine Arts, Multimedia Art Program

Selected Exhibitions

2022          Ins Nirgendwie - Digital Utopien in Die Digitale Düsseldorf 2022, Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf, Germany
2022          Body, Embodiment, and Digital Self, The East Village Art Collection, New York, United States
2022          Visions of the Future - A First-of-its-kind NFT Collection Auction, Saatchi Art Platform
2022          2022 Berlin Photo Week, Presented By BBA Gallery, Arena Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2022          Nearly Black, Virtual Exhibition with Artists Living Room, Brooklyn, New York, United States
2022          Island - muteness is our common tongue, La Galerie du Génie de la Bastille, Paris, France
2020          ITP Winter Show - The Trace, Virtual Exhibition, New York, United States
2018           Shao Zong Ji Shi Bao, TNUA Experimental Art Field, Taipei, Taiwan
2018           Meet Friends and Cheese Deers, Hu Shui Yi Fang - Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, Taipei, Taiwan
2017           The Room of Soul, TNUA Experimental Art Field, Taipei, Taiwan
2016           In The Real Kitchen, TNUA New Media Room, Taipei, Taiwan
2015           The Iron Ball and Meat, TNUA Experimental Art Field, Taipei, Taiwan
2014           Our Lucky House, HSNU Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2013           The Core of Meat, Solo Exhibition, HSNU Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


2022          A Daily Theater, Lafayette Avenue Station, Brooklyn, New York, United States
2021           Alter Egos: New Rituals - Reborn, 370 Performance Space, Brooklyn, New York, United States
2021           NIME performance - Daily Glitched, 370 Performance Space, Brooklyn, New York, United States
2016           You Might Think You Are Seeing/If You Really Try To See, TNUA Experimental Art Field, Taipei, Taiwan

Collaborative Performances

2022          Watch It From Where They Are, Performer, New York, United States
2021           Breakout Rooms, 370 Alternative Theater, New York, United States
2021           LIPP TV - Level Up With Blaze, Virtual Performance, New York, United States
2020          Death of a Mother, Performer, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
2019           LiqueeredFucking-Super-Girlfriend Crash Party, Performer, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Taiwan
2019           Climate Change & Species Extinction Theater, Performer, Ximending to Legislative Yuan, Taipei, Taiwan
2019           German Contemporary Animation Masters, Performer, Fuzhong15 Animation and Story Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2019           Exclude My Loneliness from You, Performer, Ivy Palace, Taipei, Taiwan
2018           Behind The Screen, TNUA Experimental Art Field, Taipei, Taiwan
2017           Qian Shui Wan#1, Qian Shui Wan, Tamshui, Taipei, Taiwan
2017           Riddles From Inferno, Leading Actress, Taiwan
2016           Relationships, TNUA Corridor Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Press and Media

2022          Retrospective of the exhibition “Island – Silence is our common language”, Alice Zhang, Artistikrezo Platform
2022          Conceptual Projects featured artist, Conceptual Projects Platform
2022          Contemporary Identities online magazine issue 15 - featured artist, Contemporary Identities Platform
2022          The Mobile Library Volume2 Issue4 - featured artist, The Aerogramme Center for Arts and Culture Platform
2022          Rundgang featured project  - I Am Where I Am, Rundgang Platform
2022          See Zeen online magazine issue #5 - featured artist interview, See Zeen Platform
2020          Death of a Mother-A body on the brink is born from death, Chen Qi-Zhi, NCAF Performance Art Critic Platform
2020          Death of a Mother-Sadness of life, joy of death, Cheng Wan-Xuan NCAF Performance Art Critic Platform
2019           Protect the Earth with Fever-A series of 4 million people to save the climate, Chinese Television Service
2019           The extinct butoh dance and the last supper, Huang Long, Environmental Information Center
2019           German Contemporary Animation Masters Opening Performance, Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News

Awards and Grants

2022          2022 Future Art Award: The Digital Awakening, MOZAIK Philanthropy
2022          BBA 2022 photography prize, BBA Gallery
2021           Tisch School of the Arts - Graduate Scholarship, New York University
2020          Tisch School of the Arts - Graduate Scholarship, New York University

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