Exclude My Loneliness From You

2019/04/25 - 2019/04/28
As a performer and photographer
At Ivy Palace, Taipei, Taiwan

Director: Sean Trudi Hsu
Performers: Shih Ju Hsuan, LIU ENTUNG, Wei Zi-Lin, Peng Jun-Wei, Wang Xin-Bei, Liu Yu-Xuan, Lai, Yu-Guang
Sound: Wu Yi-Lin
Lighting: Tang Jing-Ya
Photography: Lin Pei-Yi, Chen Shang-Heng, Huang Yi-Kai, LIU ENTUNG
Visial Design: Alicia Medina

“It is you who built the agony I endure, but I love you still. As I lose all sense of time, my love strengthens from the pain I suffer. When it comes an end, a white deer bringing unbearable pain will appear, kills me and my love. Before that time comes, I will be waiting for you without expectations.”