Death of a Mother

2020/04/17 - 2020/04/19
As a composer, performer, and film editor
At Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

Director: Hsu Sean Tully
Composed: Shih Ju Hsuan, LIU ENTUNG, Hsu Sean Tully
Performer: Shih Ju Hsuan, LIU ENTUNG, Yu Jie, Huang Gia Yeh, Hsu Sean Tully
Sound: Wee Lin
Lighting: Tang Ching Ya
Photography and Graphic Design: Lin Pei Yi
Film: Lee Ji Hong, Hou Han Jou
Film Editor: LIU ENTUNG

“My existence can only be complete when held in femininity, as when I was embraced by mother and father as a child. In such a moment, a father is also a woman. My Mother wanted to own a stationery store with her friend, without the stress of marriage either having a family. Her dream was shattered due to how the society wanted a woman to be like. My mother got married, had four births, had cancer, became a grandmother, lost her parents and few years ago, she attended her husband’s funeral. During that time, mother always wanted me to stay at home. I guess she was haunted by the fear of living alone in an empty house. She asked me to find her some music disks of Jiang Hui so she can play it while getting asleep, to endure the loneliness with some voices singing aside.In order to become a mother, she had to cut off her nose and ears, sew up her mouth and eyes. Tragedy happens in home, lilting slightly.”