Fridays for Future in Taiwan - Climate Change & Species Extinction Site Specific Theatre Arts

As a performer
From Ximending to Legislative Yuan, Taipei, Taiwan

Art Director: Wu Wen-Tsui
Rehearsal Director: Hsu Sean Tully
Co-author: Mohammad Umar Afzal, Cai Chengye, Shih Ju Hsuan, LIU ENTUNG, Harold wang, Hong Weien, Yu Jie, Jiang Yaying, Guo Tingyu, Abil
Visual Design: Yan Xin
Documentary shooting: Lin Chenghan
Planning and Coordination: Tian Yuwen
Organizer: AIR Clean Taiwan(ACT), BHLEG Co., Ltd.
Co-organizers: Assignment Theatre, Performing Arts School 36, 37.2 Degrees  Drama Studio, Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op
Special thanks to: Zhong Qiao, He Muyun, Wu Huilan

The performance was a parade-like action, which last for 3 hours to support the Fridays for Future activity.

"Climate change is destroying ecosystems, and species are going extinct fast that scientists believe we are experiencing the "sixth mass extinction"! Although humans are not on the list of endangered species, climate change and global warming are threatening human health and the environment."