BOOCHOA Opening Performance - LiqueeredXFucking-Super-Girlfriend Crash Party

As a performer
At Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Taiwan

Producer: Cheng-Ta Yu、 Sisy Wang
ArtWork:Betty Apple
Production / Stage manager:Saqi Jiang
Stage Installation : Vvxxii, 011688, S280F
Performers:BettyApple, Kaya Hansaki, Suan6, Acid Witch (Min-Ju-Lee、Yu-En Lin), Georgia Chiu, data lilijen, LIU ENTUNG, Yi-Heng, Lee, Trance Baby Jia Jia, Gia Lin
Visual director:Viktor Lin (A COPY OF A COPY)
VFX: Georgia Chiu
Assistant Stage Manager:Ting Ju Lee 、Susan Lin
Documentary: Yaoxiang Zhang、 New Extension Squad
Photo:ArchiChang 、 Ziheng Lu 、Chen Jing-Si、Gregory Garde
Mask: Kayn Ken

<Fucking-Super-Girlfriend Crash Party> is a performance project which presented by “Liqueered” in the “BOOCHOA” exhibition at KdMoFA, and a Multi-Media Performance director by Betty Apple in collaboration with several post 90 aka Z generation performance and sound artists, Betty Apple also invite Audio Visual group -011668 / S280F /vvxxii (LA 、Italy)、 Audio visual group HCH and artistic Visual design by A COPY OF A COPY for celebrating “BOOCHOA” exhibition opening night.

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